Our Story

My husband and I are very happily married with six amazing children. Amanda, 26, Jacob, 24, Madeline 20, Nicolas 8, Jack 7, & Lillyana 5. Our oldest son Jacob, is married and we have a wonderful daughter-in-law Brandi & two beautiful grandchildren Carson & Ava.

Although we are a large family, we are deeply committed to one another & to all of our animals. Our children often help with the care and socialization of our Labradors and we believe it is mutually beneficial to both the children and puppies. We have definitely passed on our love for animals on to them and even influenced our daughter’s career choice of being a veterinary technician.

I have bred sporting dogs and Andalusian horses for over 15 years.

Us: Steve & Amy

Our passion for animals predates becoming breeders, but it was in breeding that I found my calling. For me, it’s a passion that goes beyond just finding the right dogs to breed. It’s about connections with ethical breeders and diligent research.

It’s also knowing the difference between a “good” English Labrador & a “Great” English labrador and being dedicated to their health and welfare.

Sadie is the perfect example of the product of that dedication, research and patience. She is a double chocolate (EEbb). She has an exceptional temperament, lovely block head and has excellent retrieving skills. There is nothing this girl can’t do. She is the cornerstone of our breeding program and we could not be prouder of this gorgeous English Labrador Retriever!